The system of medicine is properly used after civilization of human being when people used to live in community. In the beginning people use to thing the God Wish causes that disease so they used to pray to god in different ways. But later they believed that disease is also because of evil spirit so they used to use different methods to remove disease by magic and witchcraft or so called spiritual power. It is found that the world was within different illogical, unscientific and imaginary techniques during 5000 B.C. Ayurveda, a system of medicine is said to be created by Goddess Dhawantari, 5000B.C in south Asia (countries including India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Sri-lanka).

Chinese system medicine also claimed a scientific system of medicine-developed 3000B.C. During Egyptian Civilization also there was development of system of medicine but during that period Mesopotamia (now Iraq) also had own system of medicine that basically believed in magic for treatment. After Egyptian civilization, the systematization of system of medicine is began widely from the time of Hippocrates of Greece, a father of medicine developed the methods and approach for the treatment. He mentioned that disease can be treated with two laws, one is opposite cures opposite and other is like cures like. He also challenged the old traditional methods of treatment. After Greek civilization, Galen of Roman was the leading figure to develop the system of medicine, following the law of Hippocrates i.e. opposite cures opposite. Galen Theories were more dominant till the 1500 A.D .After the Roman civilization the Europe was in middle age and remaining as Dark Age. But During the Dark Age, Arabian developed own system of medicine, borrowing all methods of treatment from Greece and Roman civilization which is called UNANI. After 1500A.D whole Europe stretch its limb toward revolution and inventions were begin one after another and allopathic system, a modern system of medicine is started to develop and progress only after 1900 A.D but, During revolution period in Europe, A porcelain painter, Christian Gottfried Hahnemann and mother Johanna gave birth to third son Samuel Hahnemann in 1755April 10,in Saxony district of Meissein, in Germany who became founder of Homoepathic medicine.

Dr. Samuel Hahnemann of Germany received his degree in allopathic system of medicine in 1779 A.D. He practiced medicine with his procured best knowledge but was dissatisfied with the system of practicing medicine of that day and left the medical practice. Then he started translating books of different languages to earn for his bread and butter, as he was a master in more than twenty languages. In 1790, he was translating book of Dr. Cullen’s Materia Medica of England in which there was chapter of Cinchona bark or Peruvian bark from which quinine is derived.          

Dr. Cullen mentioned that cinchona bark could cure malaria fever because of its bitter taste. He was totally dissatisfied with the comments of Dr. Cullen as cinchona bark was used since 16 century as gold to remove malaria fever and there are many substances that have bitter taste. To find out the truth, Dr. Samuel took the juices of cinchona bark for few days as the prescribed doses to malaria fever patient. Surprisingly, Dr. Hahnemann received the malaria like symptoms with its allied symptoms and sign without mosquito bites. At first, he thought it was his psychological effects so he tried with same substance with family members but found the same results, again with his colleagues and friends even then same results .For six years he did research of different substances of having medicinal qualities to different age, sex people to test that the substance when given to healthy individual produce sign and symptoms. Finally in 1796 A.D. he concluded that when a substance is given to healthy individual, it can produce signs and symptoms (mentally and physically) on healthy individual. The sign and symptoms which are produced by drug similar to the sign and symptoms of diseased individual then the medicine prepared from that substance is given sick person to make healthy is called as homoeopathic system of medicine. So the medicines of any substance carry cures if it has capability to produce sign and symptoms on healthy individual. This is the only system where the subjective symptoms along with objective symptoms and signs are recorded in book called Homoeopathic Materia Medica after drug proving on healthy individual.

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